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Chá de Chocalho dijo...

Good afternoon.

This is the work of the musical group Londrinense, Tea, Chocalho.

We want to participate in the festival edition of 2009.

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Tea is a group of Chocalho musical londrinense born in May 2007. Encabeçado by vocalist Anderson Loof, the group set up to work and spread the Brazilian popular music.

The idea is to bring the musical rhythm as a source of research, and also of transmission, to achieve what the Brazilian sound has more to show, the "balance", bringing with it a sound beating and sincopado, uniting factor in that the language diversified the words in which poetry is popular in the foreground with the harmony of instruments that make connection between the popular and contemporary.

Formed by Anderson Loof (voice and percussion), Alexandre Garcia (sanfona, voice and percussion), Alexandre Malagutti (voice and percussion), Eduardo Rorato (drums and percussion), Eduardo Brancalion (guitar, guitar and cavaquinho), Fernando Góes ( voice and percussion), Filipe Barthen (voice, bass and percussion), Chocalho of Tea has been working as forró rhythms, samba, afoxé, maracatu, coconut, frevo together the strong presence of funk, soul, jazz, rock, drum'n bass, and Latin rhythms. The proposal is to make a sound universal, uniting the chaos of the metropolis and mystical interiorana, seeing the deep roots of the allied Brazilian urban cosmopolitan. Joining ghettos and sertões, so to speak. There is no single style rhythmic predetermined.
The name "Tea of Chocalho" refers to the sound that this pronunciation proposes, the idea of sound "choked" and the spelling of the word. It says a popular story that when the child reaches a certain age and has difficulties with the pronunciation of the word, the recipe is given to the child of tea cowbell. Once that's done, the child leaves talking non-stop as being loose with the language.

From that slogan was born the name of Tea Chocalho which is the communication of rhythm and lyrics that bring the word and its pronunciation as a focus, as were a lock languages, rhythmic division of differentiated, with ares of experiment and ineditismo.

"If you take the blessing of tea verbal communication will be very telling."

Thank you.


Chá de Chocalho
+ 55 43 91012442 - Anderson
Email: chadechocalho@gmail.com

Anónimo dijo...

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